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Seminar TRGS 521 BMF / KMF

Demolition, reconstruction and maintenance works with old mineral wool, biopersistent mineral fibres, fibre dust

Künstliche Mineralfasern (KMF) in IsoliermaterialMineral wool – biopersistent mineral fibres

Since the classification of biopersistent mineral fibres (KMF) by the MAK commission in 1993 as carcinogenic, these products are subject of pubic discussion.  

In May 1994, there were a lot of new regulations in Germany after the committee for hazardous substances (AGS) evaluated the biopersistent mineral fibres with an evaluation scheme. After that, there was a divergent classification by the European Union (EU). Finally, the enormous concentrations of KMF-fibre concentrations that were measured at workplaces in several studies lead to the TRGS 521 “fibre dust” in 1999. It contains a lot of appendices with further handling provisions.  

We also offer this course as an additional course in reference to the course in expertise concerning asbestos in accordance to TRGS 519 annex 3.

Seminar schedule:

10.01.2019  Hannover
23.01.2019  Nürnberg
07.02.2019  Köln
21.02.2019  Potsdam
06.03.2019  München
21.03.2019  Düsseldorf       
03.04.2019  Stuttgart
18.04.2019  Hamburg
15.05.2019  Hannover
14.06.2019  Potsdam
27.06.2019  Stuttgart
10.07.2019  Köln
25.07.2019  München
21.08.2019  Frankfurt
05.09.2019  Dresden
18.09.2019  Nürnberg
17.10.2019  Ulm
31.10.2019  Düsseldorf
13.11.2019  Hannover
28.11.2019  Nürnberg
12.12.2019  München

Inhouse seminars on request

We can offer you this course in combination with TRGS 519 annex 3

   Die Inhalte

  • Overview of the valid legal regulations for biopersistent mineral fibres

  • Basis for assessment for biopersistent mineral fibres

  • Sampling and methods of analysis of biopersistent mineral fibres

  • Handling recommendations and necessities of reconstruction for KMF – products

     This seminar last 1 day. 

 Your Benefits

  • The seminar conveys the current state of regulations concerning KMF products as well as the respective recommendations of trating them.

   This seminar is important for

  • Persons with responsibility in the areas of construction offices, property register, environment protection offices, health offices.

  • Persons with responsibility for maintaining buildings


  • Bremen

  • Dusseldorf

  • Dresden

  • Frankfurt / Main

  • Cologne

  • Hanover

  • Munich

  • Nuremberg

  • Potsdam

  • Stuttgart

   This course in expertise can be booked as inhouse seminar also.

  Your investment

  • Costs per participant: 395.00 € excluding VAT (470,05 € including 19% tax)

  •  Services included: detailed seminar documents, daytime catering with coffee breaks, beverages, lunch