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RAB 30 Annex C for HS Co-ordinators according to BaustellV:
Special knowledge as co-ordinator

sigeko nach RAB 30 Anlage C auf der BaustelleSince June 10th,  1998, the Ordinance on Safety and Health on Construction Sites (Construction Site Ordinance – BaustellV , BGBI, I page 1283) is in force. Thus, European Law (EU – Building Directive 92/57/EEC) is implemented in national regulations.  

Each year, a lot of employees have severe accidents on German construction sites, many with fatal consequences. For sustainable improvements in the area of occupational safety, organization and planning in the construction industry, there are instruments and tools (e.g. HS plan) on the basis of BautellV. On construction sites with employees of several entrepreneurs, they have to be implemented as safety and health protection coordination.

This means: Each construction site that, according to BaustellV, is subject of advance notice, under the participation of several entrepreneurs, realized with appropriate extent, and is performed very dangerous work on according to § 2, paragraph 3 BaustellV has to be coordinated in the field of occupational and health safety according to BaustellV in both the planning and executive phase.  

The rule for “occupational safety and health on construction sites – RAB 30” was published in the Bundesarbeitsblatt 6/2003 and describes the tasks and the qualifications necessary for a coordinator.   RAB 30 particularly contains the following qualifications a suitable coordinator has to have (further explanations to the prerequisites listed below can be found here):  

  • Professional knowledge (acquired through training to become a civil engineer or architect and professional experience)

  • Coordinator knowledge (acquired in a four-day seminar (32 course units ) according to RAB 30 , annex C of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs from 06/2003)

  • Occupational (acquired in a four-day seminar (32 course units) according to RAB 30, annex B of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs from 06/2003).


Seminar schedule:

09.-11.01.2019  München
23.-25.01.2019  Hamburg
06.-08.02.2019  Düsseldorf      
20.-22.02.2019  Nürnberg
20.-22.03.2019  Berlin
10.-12.04.2019  Hannover
08.-10.05.2019  Ulm
22.-24.05.2019  Dresden
05.-07.06.2019  Köln
26.-28.06.2019  Berlin
10.-12.07.2019  Düsseldorf
24.-26.07.2019  Stuttgart
21.-23.08.2019  Hannover
04.-06.09.2019  Nürnberg
18.-20.09.2019  Köln
16.-18.10.2019  München
13.-15.11.2019  Berlin
27.-29.11.2019  Stuttgart
11.-13.12.2019  Düsseldorf


Inhouse Lehrgang auf Anfrage


  • Basics in law, occupational safety and security

  • The ordinance on construction sites

  • Implementation and application of BaustellV and RABs

  • Obligations of the builder or third parties in his order

  • Safety and health coordination (HSC)

  • Safety and health plan (HS plan) with practical exercises

  • Construction characteristics file (document) with practical exercises

  • Legal state / contract / liability of the HSC

  • Legal framework (VOB, BGB, StGB, AGBG)

  • Exam, certificate as a HSC Prüfung

     The seminar lasts 3 days.

   Your Benefits

  • Practical application of the instruments and tools according to BaustellV

  • Profiling and deepening of the basic knowledge, safe and health coordination (HSC) and occupational health and safety in construction

  • Quality improvement in planning, supervision and object processing

  • Opening new fields of occupation

It has been shown that today the two courses “Occupational Safety Specialist Knowledge” and “Special Coordinator Knowledge” according to RAB 30 are subject of basic knowledge of each and every civil engineer and architect. These skills are essential and clients will expect them. Once you have completed these two courses successfully, you will have a distinct competitive advantage. By having acquired this special expert knowledge, you also reduce liability claims your client or a third party might hold against you because you can eliminate potential danger in advance due to your expertise in the field of safety and health coordination (HSC). Thus, potential legal liability do not arise in the first place.   In some states of Germany, these seminars are required by the Employment Agency.

Please inquire at your local department of labor if you want to know more about individual funding opportunities.

   This seminar is important for:

  • Building professionals with experience of several years in the planning or executive phase and basic knowledge of occupational health and safety in construction

  • Builders with direct object responsibility

  • Safety engineers in construction / architects / Engineers


  • Berlin

  • Dresden

  • Dusseldorf

  • Frankfurt

  • Hamburg

  • Hanover

  • Leipzig

  • Munich

  • Nuremberg

  • Stuttgart

This seminar can also be held as an inhouse seminar in your rooms.

   Your investment

  • costs per participant: 795.00 €   excluding VAT (946.05 € including 19% tax)

  • Services included:

    • Detailed seminar documents

    • Examination fees

    • Beverages

    • Morning snack

    • Lunch

    • Afternoon snack

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