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Asbestos TRGS 519
TRGS 519  Annex 3
TRGS 519  Annex 4
TRGS 519 Advanced Training
Hazardous Substances
DGUV 101-004 6B Indoor Pollutants
TRGS 521
Biopersistant Mineral Wools
Asbestos & Co Indoor Pollutants
Ordinance of Hazardous Substances
Cadaster of Contamination
Mold in buildings
RAB 30, Annex B suitable Co-ordinators: Occupational safety and health
RAB 30, Annex C suitable Co-ordinators: Special knowledge as co-ordinator
Further Training for Co-ordinators RAB 30
Building owners + Suitable Co-ordinator RAB 30
Hygiene Training Courses
Hygiene Training
VDI 6022 Category A
Hygiene Training
VDI 6022 Category B
Drinking Water Hygiene
VDI 6023 Category A
Drinking Water Hygiene
VDI 6023 Category B
Landfills + Cont. Sites
TRGS 520 Basic training
TRGS 520 Further training
§4 Ordinance on Landfills
Land Recycling
Site Management + Laws
Site manager basic training
Site manager intensive training
Stuctural fire protection course
In-House Seminars
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Further training
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BauAkademie GmbH

Organisation for innovative advanced training

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Phone: +49-911-373000-70
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Erich-Rittinghaus-Str. 2/1
D-89250 Senden
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Markus Vogt
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HRB 17832
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BauAkademie GmbH


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BauAkademie GmbH


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Organisation for innovative
 advanced training

Seminars - Courses - Congresses

Safety and Health Coordination
(RAB 30  B + C)
Asbestos Training Courses TRGS 519
Courses in Expertise TRGS 521
BGR 128 Building Pollutants
Mold in Buildings
Contaminated Sites and Waste Problems
Site Manager Training and advanced Training

Structural Fire Protection Training Course
Hygiene Training Course according VDI 6022
Drinking Water Hygiene according VDI 6023



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Mrs. Claudia Küstner


Get a quick overall view of teh BauAkademie GmbH  seminars and courses on our training schedule. Here, you will find all the dates and venues for the current seminars and courses. If you need detailled or background information please visist the respective sub-pages. Benefit from the possibility to directly sign up on our online sign-up page.

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