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Constructional Fire Protection: Basic Seminar

In In Germany, there are more than 200,000 fires per year. The resulting damages amounts to ca. 4 billion €. About 600 people lose their lives due to fires. More than 6,000 people are badly hurt. Article 15 (1) of the Bavarian Ordinance on Construction (BayBo): “Constructional systems have to be arranged, constructed, modified and maintained that the emergence and spread of fire and smoke is prevented and, in the case of fire, the rescue of human beings and animals as well as efficient fire-fighting operations are possible.”

Seminar schedule:

Inhouse seminar on request


1st seminar day:

Basics of constructional fire protection:

  • Ordinance on construction of the different states, sample ordinance

  • Technical facilities for fire protection

  • Concepts of fire protection

  • Calculation of the RWA areas

  • Firewalls and escape routes

  • Practical examples

Fire behavior of construction substances and constructional parts according to DIN 4102

  • Demands for the constructional fire protection (according to BayBo)

  • Fire behavior of construction substances and constructional parts according to DIN 4102

  • Design of the fire resistance duration of weight-bearing components

  • Fire protection in the electro installation

  • Fire protection in technical supply systems

Demands for fire protection of stairways, floors and rooms

  • Demands for escape routes

  • 1st and 2nd escape route

  • Fire protection distances and distance space


2nd seminar day:

Repelling fire protection:   

  • Fire-fighting technical possibilities regarding fire resistance duration and escape routes

  • Company-specific safety regulations

Fire-fighting area and escape routes

  • Driveways, movement and installation areas for the fire department

  • Firefighters lift

  • Safety stairways

Fire-fighting, extinguishing agents, smoke extraction

  • Portable extinguishers

  • Extinguishing agent retention

  • Simplified examination methods for extinguishing water demand

Final discussion


   This seminar is important for:
  • Architectural and engineering offices especially for projecting (heating, ventilation, sanitary and electric) as well as engineering offices that are engaged with the planning of hospitals, retirement homes, department stores, restaurants etc.

  • Construction companies

  • Construction authorities

   Your Benefits
  • Basic skills concerning constructional legislation and technical requirements regarding fire protection

  • Knowledge concerning their practical application

  • Nuremberg

  • Dusseldorf

   Your investment
  • Costs per participant: on request